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About Us

trailerworld custom trailers brisbane

Australian Made

All of our trailers are made onsite (using Australian steel), and not imported from overseas or interstate! Brings peace of mind when sourcing parts/service.

Popular Models

  • 6’ x 4’ Heavy Duty.
  • 7’ x 4’ Heavy Duty.
  • 7’ x 5’ Customised to suit your trade.
  • 8’ x 4’.
  • 8’ x 5’ Worker’s Special – Designed to hold stuff.
  • 12 months workmanship guarantee.

These trailers are made with a structural capacity of 1100kg and can be upgraded up to 1500kg. If the total gross weight exceeds 750kg, brakes are required by law. These can be either mechanical overide or electric braking systems. Electrical brakes can be controlled in vehicle or on the drawbar of trailer up to an ATM of 2000kg.

** We also do repairs to all types of trailers, boat trailers and caravans.